Are Short Guys Attractive?

Yes, there are a tonne of short attractive guys, but generally speaking, being tall is without a doubt a quirk that is generally appreciated by women all over and is preferred. But this does in no way mean that short guys aren’t attractive like we said, as there is way more to attractiveness then just height. But “Yes” when it comes to just height ignoring all of the other fators, most women do prefer tall men. Howeever, as you might have guessed this also varies depending on person to person, as there are women out there who don’t consider height to be that big an issue and a lot of women say that they don’t usually mind dating a guy who is the same height as them.

What Height Do Women Consider Tall?

6 feet and above, usually men who are 6 feet and above are considered tall. But 6 feet is often considered the borderline area between short and tall. But does this mean that all men under 6 feet are short, obviously not, as there is a good range of height in-between that is completely decent, like 5 ft 5 to 5 ft 11.

Another thing to rememberat this point is that the perception of short and tall can vary quite a bit depending on the geographical location that you are in, as there are some countries that have a short average height and then there are some where the average height is comparatively taller. But the statement we made above are relevant generally in most of the places of the world

Generally speaking women seem to care about tall height more then men.

What Height Is Generally Considered Short For A Guy?

5’3 or shorter, this is the height that is considered to be short for a man considering all of the averages in the holistic averages of the world. The average height of men in the world is about 171 cm or 5’6 and a half. And for women it is 158 cm or 5′3 for women. So to sum it up if you are a man of height of 5’3 of shorter, you are mostly considered a short male and if you are a female equal to or shorter than 5 feet you are considered short.

Fun Fact:

The shortest average height country is the Philippines with an average height of 63.7 inches of 5 feet 3 inches

Are Short Girls Attractive?

Yes And No, Solely speaking for the prespective of height, Men don’t seem to care much about height or atleast not as much as women do. One thing that men usually do get concerned about is when there women are taller than them which is not usually the case. And as long as the women are shorter them them they don’t usually care that much. That being said, there are quite a lot of men with quite a lot of different perspectives so the viewpoint and the preferences can vary from man to man. But the statements that we made above is generally the case

A Recent Study

A recent study has found that shorter men are less likely to get divorced and more likely to engage themselves in the conventional “set-up” of a man like bringing things from the grocery and other related stuff. Though this study isn’t conclusive it also goes on to say that mostly short men find something to stand out in the crowd that makes them unique, something other then just their height and that often adds more to their personality which is one of the reasons sometimes women who themselves prefer taller men end up falling for short men. As it is sometimes more about the personality than about the height

Some Things That Shorter Men Are Naturally Better At

  • Often better when it comes to hugging
  • Usually have better posture
  • Easier to buy clothes
  • Lower Cancer Risk
  • More likely to live longer on average
  • Generally tend to have longer relationships

Things You Can Do To Look Taller

  • Slim Sleeves: Slim Sleeve can make your arms look distinct and make your overall frame look a bit tall. So, you can try a suit that is tighter right around the sleeves to pull this off correctly
  • Shorter Jackets: Wearing short jackets pulls off an impression of your torso being shorter than your legs and your legs ultimately being long which gives off an impression of increased height. So you can try using jackets that fall above your hipbone. So for instance, if you are looking into wearing a sports outwear, look for one that has a smaller jacket
  • Matching Your Socks And Pants: This can especially be helfpul if you are wearing socks that are visible, but the contrast shouldn’t be that sharp, its better if they are the different shades of the same colour. This will stretch out your body and make you look taller, So using blue socks for a blue suit is preferable
  • Hats And Scarves: Diverting attention towards your face is always a great sign when it comes to the matter of your height. As this can make you look taller by balancing out your overall top and bottom halves. So wearing a hat or even a scarf of can prove helpful. For this, it is suggested that yous use clothes that go with your facial features like your eye/hair color. So a black hat for a black-eyed woman
  • Slim Belts: This is basically the same part about sinching your pants or dresses as long as your dress or pants are cinched on your waistline, a bit above your bones it can immensely be helpful to make your legs look long and more fitting. And using a belt for cinching can be very practical. But the color of the belt should complement your overall clothing of course

Hopefully, this article was helpful in answering some of your height & weight-related questions. Lastly, if you want an answer to whether beards make you look tall or not, we have a great article written on that too, here is a link if you want to give it a look “Do Beards Make You Look Taller?“.

 Healthline also has a great article written on foods that can help you grow taller so do give it a look if you are interested“11 Foods That Make You Taller

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