Do Beards Make You Look Taller?

No, Beards don’t make you look taller, but they do make you look a bit older than when you are shaven and without any facial hair. It is also often speculated that having a big beard might make a man look shorter than when he doesn’t have a beard because of the mere fact that the length of the beard would be covering up his neck and might be overwhelming on his overall stature. Which ultimately makes a man look a bit shorter when it comes to height. On the other hand, when it comes to attractiveness, there have been quite a few experiments done that show that as beards represent an aura of masculinity, they are often preferred by women more.

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So, we already know that women prefer taller men, and now we also have encountered that women prefer men that have beards, which might end up making you look a bit shorter. So what should you do? Having a beard obviously doesn’t have an actual effect on anybody’s height, it’s just a simple factor of hiding a few of the bodily features that ultimately make you look a bit shorter, so it is just not recommended for everyone to have long beards hanging around. But you can have shorter beards which will not only be easier to manage when it comes to that but will also cover up some of your facial defaults making you look more attractive.

And if you actually do have to compare which is more preferred, height or beard, Well both of them play a big part in a woman’s eyes, and when it comes to attractiveness and choice of women. And hence, no matter what height you are having a beard, even if only a small one can add a few points in your overall look so you don’t need to worry about looking a bit shorter. As that is something that is completely overwhelmed by the overall attractiveness points that you gain from having a beard and obviously it doesn’t actually make you short.

Some Studies On Beards

It was shown in a study conducted in 2013 that women rated men with some hair on their faces as being more attractive lovers and men with a full beard as more masculine and fatherly. Another study goes on to state that men with beards make men look stronger which provides women with a sense of innate security. Moving on in the study compartment, this wasn’t the though only shared by heterosexual women but also gay men as they agreed by saying that a man with some beard looks more attractive. Why is this the case you ask? Well according to recent psychology, men with beards are regarded as genetically more masculine, dominant, and socially mature. But, on the downside of things, studies have also shown men having a beard putting off a more aggressive persona then non-bearded men

Moving on to another study that was conducted by the researchers of the University of Queensland, having facial hair also reduces the exposure to sunlight by 1/3rd, which is why beards are also referred to as nature’s sunscreen as beards can offer near 21 UPFs. This protection helps keep the overall skin of a man’s face younger. Moreover, it has also been concluded that beards help keep the face warmer, which can be extremely helpful especially if you live in a cold area, it is estimated that beards keep the skin underneath nearly one degree warmer then the skin on other places, which can be a significant difference.

An Interesting Fact

A study published by the british journal of Dermetology found that beard hair grows faster in the summer and a bit slower in when winter comes around

No Shaving

Frequent shaving can result in scars, razor bumps, and sometimes even infections. So you would be safe from all of that too if you plan on growing a beard, even if only a small one. Moreover, it has also been revealed, that men spend over 3350 hours standing in front of a mirror shaving, as that has been estimated by NewYork Times as the time of the amount most men spend in front of the mirrors shaving.

Apart from saving a lot of time from shaving, and keeping you away from probable scars that you might get from shaving every day, a study published by the journal of hospital infection that took samples from 408 male hospital workers both with and without a beard, they found that clean-shaven faces 3 times more likely to carry MRSA bacteria. The study also went on to say that beards might actually contain a bacteria that kills other kinds of bacterias. However, on the bad side of things, another study funded by Guinness found that a bearded person who drinks looses about 0.56 ml of beer per pint as that much gets caught in the beard hair which means that you would be losing a pint and a half after every 180 pints

Some Benefits Of Beards

  • Saves you from Acne
  • Blocks UV Rays
  • Beards have proved to raise the confidence level of quite a few men as they feel more masculine and attractive and studies do support that bias as we discussed
  • Helps your throat from bacterias
  • Beards also saves you from Wrinkles
  • Helps in keeping your skin moist
  • Beards keep you warmer by one degree which can be quite helpful if you live in colder regions or are planning to moving into one.
  • Saves you time of shaving which as we discussed can be around 3350 hours in an average lifetime
  • Beards overall make you look more masculine in front of other people and can also help in looking a bit older if you have a baby looking face

Hopefully, this article was helpful in answering your queries about beards and height. Do tell us if you have any related question that you want us to write an article on. And if you want an answer to How Much Taller Are You In The Morning? Moreover, Healthline also has a great article written on foods that can help you grow taller so do give it a look if you are intrested “11 Foods That Make You Taller

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