Do Taller People Live Longer?

No, they generally tend to have a lower probability of living longer lives. There have been many studies done on this very point for over the past century. And the studies have concluded with many different results, but to sum them all up, more of the credible studies till now have concluded that shorter people tend to live a bit more than their taller counterparts but we are still learning more about this subject so new things and aspects might come up. Don’t worry we will be taking a look at these studies to better elaborate on this point

In an Okinawanise study, it was concluded that women who tend to be taller then average are more likely to live longer, but in this very study, it was also indicated that this isn’t the case for men as the taller they are the more prone to heart diseases and other problems they tend to eventually have more trouble. The study went on to conclude that women over 5 ft 9 in height were 31% more likely to reach 90 years old than women who were 5 ft 3 or shorter. And that women who worked out around 30 to 60 minutes a day had a 21% more chance of reaching the age of 90 years.

When it comes to men, the study concluded that longevity was more related to activity level rather than height when it came to men as it went on to say that men who worked out 90 minutes a day were 39% more likely to reach the age of 90 then those who worked out less than 30 minutes or nothing at all. But this study didn’t consider the causation and correlation effect which makes it a less of a source to be credible, moving on to more credible study

Another More Credible Recent Research

This research which was recently done, led by Geoffery Kabat from the Albert Einstein College Of Medicine says that an additional 4 inches of height increases the risk of nearly all types of cancers in women. This would mean that Women from Dutch with an average height of 5ft 6 inches would be more likely by 25% to get cancer than women from Guatemala.

On the other hand, recent statistics have shown that people with more height are a bit more likely to be more secure when it comes to jobs and even earn more money. They are also thought of to be more intelligent, but this obviously isn’t supported research as IQ and height have nothing to do with each other and the people who believe that are just simply missing out on the principle of causation and correlation.

Earlier studies in the past century used to believe that longer people tend to live longer but this was shunned by our recent researches who proved that was a simple miscalculation as better height was often a result of better nutrition and hygiene which were the factors that were often not considered by the researchers of the time and hence they were wrong on when it came to the point of causation and correlation.

To elaborate this, a study of 2,600 Finnish athletes found that skiers who were 6 inches shorter-lived around 7 years on average longer than basketball players. This is further elaborated by the fact that people from places like Swedes and Norway, whose average height is quite high nearing around 5 ft 10 inches, have over twice as many as heart attacks per every 100,000 Portuguese men who are averaged to be a height of 5 ft 5 inches tall

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This is further supported by the fact that people from countries like Japan who reach over a hundred years of age are shorter on average by 4 inches than those who live up till the near age of 75 years.

Moreover, American women over 5 ft 6 inches of height suffer blood clots more. And in England, taller people have been shown to have more respiratory as well as cardiovascular diseases.

Why Shorter People Live Longer According To These Researches

Researchers have found that the lungs of tall people don’t work as efficiently as their shorter counterparts according to the demand of their bodies. As tall people have more cells and require more energy to function, it is comparatively harder for the organs like the heart and lungs to support that massive frame when compared to shorter people.

Moreover, as taller people have an overall number of more cells functioning in their body, there is a higher chance of some of the cells mutating and becoming cancerous. Moving along, it is also suggested that hormones that play a role in growth might also sometime help in cancer development. Moving on to the number of clots in blood vessels, this has to do with the length of the columns of blood that travel to and from the heart with every pump

To conclude it is said by the researchers that the bigger the body and the bigger mechanism, the more the chances of something going wrong within the body and messing something up. But the research on this subject matter isn’t conclusive as there needs to be more research done to actually arrive at an effective, true conclusion, and there is no doubt to the fact that our researches have become better, and that for now, we have concluded that being tall can to some extent imply that one will live a shorter life span than their shorter counterpart, but there are a tonne of other variables playing their role too

City With The Most Over 100 years old

Okinawa, Japan has over 740 people with over 100 years of age, the city also has an average lifespan of 83.7 years. And when we look at the average height of the people that live in this city, the average height is 5 ft 2 inches, this also stands to advocate to some extent that shorter people tend to live longer lives then their longer counterparts

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