Does Losing Weight Make You Taller?

Yes And No, losing weight doesn’t actually make you taller but it can help you make your posture better. This won’t mean that your height would be actually increasing, but rather you would be making use of the height that you already have. However, when talking about children losing weight can have a positive effect on a children’s height whilst they are of growing age as lesser weight means a healthier lifestyle for the kid. This would ultimately lead to a child achieving his/her utmost potential when it comes to height. But even then it is to be remembered that 60 to 70% of the role when it comes to height is played by Genetics and being healthy and having an active lifestyle can only be helpful for the rest of the 30 to 40%.

One of the reasons why many people confuse losing weight with height is that skinny people look taller. But this is all about perception and if you are a grown adult, it is highly unlikely that you would see an increase in your height due to losing weight, apart for it being from bettering your body posture. And as we have already discussed bettering your body posture is just utilizing the height that you already have.

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Science, Losing Weight And Gaining Height

The science backs the statement that we made in the above paragraphs as it was found in a study in 2012 conducted in Israel by Neurosurgeon Zvi Lidar that losing weight can change the height of a person’s intervertebral disc. But this doesn’t mean that the height of the intervertebral disc increases, but rather the height is restored as the immense pressure that it has to bear due to the weight of the body is taken off of it by a bit. This further advocates for the premise that one doesn’t gain actual height from losing weight but can be able to optimally use the height that he already has. In this study, a total height increase of 2 millimeters was observed in participants.

So though you don’t gain actual extra height, you can still but you can still become a bit talller than you are before losing weight. Even apart from this study, there have been people who have seen a change in their height after losing weight, an example of this Charlie Walter who has the following to say “I lost 90 lbs. I measured consistently at 6’1 before, now 6’2 at the same doctor’s office. I think it was a confidence/posture issue.” and he is indeed right at mentioning that it was due to the posture

Does Losing Weight Make You Appear Taller?

Yes, though, like we discussed above in the article, losing weight cannot actually increase your height and can only help you better use the height you already have and better use it by bettering your posture or lessening the pressure put on by your weight on your joints and spine. But when it comes to appearence, losing weight can definitely make you look a bit taller even if you have the same height. This is because of the width and height ratio as proportions can have a big affect when it comes to appearence.

Does Losing Weight Make You Look Younger?

Yes, Losing weight can make you look younger as long as it is done naturally and not radically. The best way to go with this is through a healthy diet, and exercising. If you lose weight through radical means like completely stopping eating especially near and after the age of 40, it can do more bad then good.

Some Tips To Look Taller

  • Slim Sleeves: Slim Sleeve can make your arms look distinct and make your overall frame look a bit tall. So, you can try a suit that is tighter right around the sleeves to pull this off correctly
  • Shorter Jackets: Wearing short jackets pulls off an impression of your torso being shorter than your legs and your legs ultimately being long which gives off an impression of increased height. So you can try using jackets that fall above your hipbone. So for instance, if you are looking into wearing a sports outwear, look for one that has a smaller jacket
  • Matching Your Socks And Pants: This can especially be helfpul if you are wearing socks that are visible, but the contrast shouldn’t be that sharp, its better if they are the different shades of the same colour. This will stretch out your body and make you look taller, So using blue socks for a blue suit is preferable
  • Hats And Scarves: Diverting attention towards your face is always a great sign when it comes to the matter of your height. As this can make you look taller by balancing out your overall top and bottom halves. So wearing a hat or even a scarf of can prove helpful. For this, it is suggested that yous use clothes that go with your facial features like your eye/hair color. So a black hat for a black-eyed woman
  • Slim Belts: This is basically the same part about sinching your pants or dresses as long as your dress or pants are cinched on your waistline, a bit above your bones it can immensely be helpful to make your legs look long and more fitting. And using a belt for cinching can be very practical. But the color of the belt should complement your overall clothing ofcourse

Hopefully, this article was helpful in answering some of your height & weight related questions. Lastly, if you want an answer to whether beards make you look tall or not, we have a great article written on that too, here is a link if you want to give it a look “Do Beards Make You Look Taller?“.

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