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Edward was 5 Feet/ 152 cm/ 1.52 meters/ 60 inches before the timeskip and grew upto 5’5/ 165 cm/ 1.65 meters/ 65 inches after the timeskip

Edward wears his brilliant fair hair long – generally tied in an interlace that hangs down to his shoulders, yet in some cases doing without the twist for a more straightforward braid. He parts his bangs in the center so they outline his face on one or the other side as they fall and, in the focal point of the splitting, he leaves a solitary strand of hair standing up like a reception apparatus. In Chapter 56, it is uncovered that he does this deliberately, apparently to add to his stature. Ed’s eyes, as well, are gold, connoting his Xerxesian family line. It is uncovered in one of the Fullmetal Alchemist craftsmanship books that the motivation behind why Edward wears all dark is to shroud any oil stains that he may acquire from his automail.

Edward’s Height In All Measuring Units

Feet CentimetersMetersInches
5 Before Time Skip
5′5 After Time Skip
152 Before Time skip
165 After Time Skip
1.52 Before Time skip
1.65 After Time Skip
60 Before Time skip
65 After Time Skip
Edward’s Height In All Measuring Units

From the beginning in the manga, Ed gets a dainty, flat fight scar simply over his correct eye, which remains since his resulting fights cause the delicate skin to tear open more than once. As of Chapter 76, nonetheless, the scar seems to have mended over totally. As the arrangement advances, a portion of Edward’s facial highlights (his nose and jawline) start to take on attributes like his father’s. Toward the finish of the arrangement, Edward is appeared to have become discernibly taller, being a few inches taller than Winry lastly being in any event equivalent in tallness to Alphonse.

Close to the furthest limit of the 2003 anime arrangement, it is uncovered that the Earth has its own form of Edward Elric, who is indistinguishable from that of the storyline put something aside for having his hair and bangs trim short.


By all accounts, Edward shows a youthful kind of character. He is determinedly difficult and solid willed, much of the time letting his insignificance and malignance improve of him (it is this tenacity that adds to Führer Bradley’s choice to codename him “Fullmetal,” as “Hagane” (in a real sense signifying “steel”) is a term in Japanese that means somebody of tenacious air.) and frequently must be limited or reproved by Al or whoever else is available. He is to some degree narrow minded and self-ingested, by and large acting more out of personal circumstance than such a generosity just as accepting a few open doors to stroke his own conscience or display the legislative force and money related permit of his military position. He is generally unfriendly towards figures of power and feels minimal motivating force to follow orders with which he deviates, acquiring him the qualification of being a liability of sorts.

Edward is likewise rather quarrelsome, turning more regularly to steel-fisted viciousness than quiet exchange to settle questions (in any event, venturing to such an extreme as to propose that ceasing from hitting Paninya due to her sex is a misogynist thought and, in this manner, contrary to his standards). He has gained notoriety for being obscene and is a seriously mocking skeptic, simply excessively glad to obtusely and cruelly alleviate others of their agreeable daydreams with respect to God, reality, or their own affectedness. Edward has likewise shown a penchant towards eagerness and a failure to stand by for long, which maybe adds to his adoration for movement.

Nonetheless, for those couple of individuals who an affect him, Ed demonstrates his more profound nature to be one of stamped magnanimity, courageous faithfulness, and extraordinary empathy. As somebody who has needed to endure significantly at a particularly youthful age, Edward can’t disregard the genuine enduring of others and gets thoughtful after detecting agony and resolve in individuals’ souls. In spite of the fact that his serious counsel to such individuals is regularly tempered with blunt analysis, it is simply because he really wishes to put them on the most immediate way ahead. As one who needs to battle with a mutilated body, he encourages those with solid bodies to utilize their solid legs to push ahead, and as one troubled by the mix-ups of his past, he focuses on the need of individuals assuming liability for their own mistakes. In spite of the fact that he will intercede for the benefit of the persecuted on the off chance that he infers that a circumstance has called for it, Ed will in general assistance just those with the will – however not simply the methods – to help, in which case his foolishness and scorn for power regularly makes them twist the standards to give out a Robin Hood-esque equity as per his solid confidence in the idea of Equivalent Exchange, procuring him reputation and notoriety as a “saint of individuals.”

A characterizing attribute of Ed’s appeared all through the arrangement is his blame complex; all things considered, his and his sibling’s present statuses are his flaw, part of the way since it was his plan to change their mom in any case and incompletely on the grounds that Al lost his whole body because of the investigation, while Ed just lost far too much. He was even persuaded that Al detested him for what befell his body, and was terrified to get some information about it for quite a long time. Because of this characteristic, he gets going as profoundly aloof, attempting to achieve everything all alone and not tolerating help from anybody however Al, just as being persuaded that he can tackle the entirety of his issues through Alchemy. Over the long haul, be that as it may, he figures out how to rely more upon his companions and offer his weights with others. However, while he may deal with his blame, it never really disappears, as even towards the finish of the arrangement, he’s actually pounding himself over Nina Tucker being transformed into a Chimera, in spite of having saved incalculable different lives en route.

“Shorty?! Could a shorty do this?! What else you need to call me: a half-16 ounces bean-sprout smaller person?! I’m actually developing you backwater desert blockheads!”

Obviously, the most perceptible of Edward’s dispositional attributes is his Napoleonic disavowal of his brevity. Indeed, even in snapshots of relative self-restraint, any references to his height cause him to viciously fail to keep a grip on his feelings and lash out both verbally and truly. Perhaps the most well-known explanations behind these upheavals is in the event that anything identified with his size, since he has a complex about being more limited than normal (his tallness is 165 cm). Particular to these upheavals is Ed’s propensity to take even the most easygoing notice of his stature as a gross affront and decipher it exaggeratedly, mixing up words as basic as “little” for phrases as invented as “so-minuscule that-he-need-not-dread being-squashed by-a-boot-since he-fits-so-effectively between-the-grooves-of-the-sole” and so forth. Those awful to absolute “little” in his essence are destined to endure one of his pernicious fits of rage except if he is off base and should be taken care of, for example, when Izumi Curtis considers him a pipsqueak while admonishing him and Al in the manga. He additionally acknowledges Nina alluding to him as “Minimal elder sibling” in the 2003 Anime. This piece of his character is apparently not, at this point present before the finish of the arrangement, given that he has developed to ordinary stature by at that point.

Despite the fact that Edward claims that he doesn’t put stock in divine beings, his profound sensibilities tend more toward the rationalist than the agnostic; in private, however he doesn’t ask, he regularly recognizes the presence of a God in his discourse, whom he frequently censured for the trouble of his life. Ed’s stylish sensibilities are additionally very curved in that he is an incredible aficionado of gothic or grotesque apparatuses and will for the most part change designs loaded up with immense or satanic symbolism and superfluously pretentious subtleties, a lot to the consternation of any individual who gets a blessing or administration from him. He has likewise spread the word about it that his brand name red coat is essential for this overall absence of taste, as it is the thing that he says is: “a boss tone [that] gets the blood moving.”

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