How Much Taller Are You In The Morning?

A person gets taller by 1 to 3 centimeters in the morning then they are throughout the passing of the day. This means that being taller when you wake up isn’t a random myth but a factual statement. But the amount of height variation isn’t bound to be 1 to 3 centimeters as it can be a bit less or above depending on various other factors that determine this. Why does this happen, well one of the biggest factors that is a reason for this phenomenon is the effect of gravity on our body as well as the fact that your spine is free from controlling and balancing your whole body all of the times.

A Video From Adam Explaining The Concept

.While we lay down straight and sleep for a continuous 6 to 8 hours, our spine gets to rest from the constant pressure of our body as well as gravity that it has to endure, and the liquid within the vertebrae gets the time to expand, this is eventually what leads to the temporary increase in our height when we wake up

Looking Into The Science Of It A Bit More Deeply

Our spine consists of 33 small bones combined together, but only 24 top most of them are moveable. In between these bones that form up our spine we have a total of 23 discs. And these discs contain water within themselves. So when you are lying down on your back, on your stomach or on the side. There is no compression on the disks either of bearing the gravity or managing your body around. This ultimately, over the course of 6 to 9 hours of your sleep, leads the discs to absorb water and ultimately swell up just like an inflatable water balloon.

To better elaborate, here is an example, if each of these disks were to grow 2 millimeters due to this absorption process, you will wake up nearly 2 inches taller then when you were asleep, though this much effect is in no way usual. Later on, when you stand up and walk around throughout the day, the disks start getting compressed again due to the body pressure and the pressure of the gravity that it has to bear. What happens when the spinal discs are compressed you ask? Well, the water within them that we just talked about, the water slowly starts seeping out of the discs, which ultimately leads you to become shorter at the end of the day when you are preparing yourself to go to sleep. This cycle then goes on to repeat itself the very next day.

For those of you who are wondering, an average disc has a dimaeter of around 1.5 mm, but there is a variation in the size of the discs and they are also classified by names like 1.0 to 1.3 mm as small, from 1.4 to 1.7 mm as medium, and from 1.8 to 2.0 mm as large

A picture of a guy sleeping to better answer " How Much Taller Are You In The Morning?"

An Experiment That You Can Do

You can do an experiment yourself to check this out. You start off by getting yourself a measuring tape, You set up 2 alarms, one for the time that you are supposed to wake up and one around the time you are just about to sleep. You can name both of these alarms ” height “, when you finally do get up, the first thing that you do is to measure your height using the measuring tape. After doing this you can go on to do whatever it is you do throughout your day. And being reminded by the night alarm to measure your height, you measure your height before sleeping, and there you go, you will have the results of your experiments right there in your hands. One important thing to note here is that on average, a person is taller by 1 centimeter in the morning, but obviously this can vary depending on various other factors

Are We Shorter In Night?

Yes, as we explained elaborately above in the article, we tend to be a bit shorter at night then we are in the morning the amount may vary for person to person but the average difference between night height and morning height is 1 centimeters, and this cycle repeats each and every day

Do Men And Women Both Get Taller In The Morning?

Yes, men and women both get taller in the morning then they are in the night as the basic anatomy of both the sexes is the same. The water in the discs expand the same in both genders and a difference can be seen in both genders.

Can Lesser Sleep Slower Growth?

Yes, Sleep is a very essential part of growing especially for children and teens as it is during the sleep that the growth hormone is released, so making sure you get 7 to 9 hours of sleep can be really helpful for children to grow, but there are other factors playing an immense role here too, like genetics play 60 to 70% of the role, whereas nutrition, daily activity along with things like sleeping covers the rest 30 to 40%

Another very interesting thing about sleeping is that you burn calories whilst sleeping. You can burn hundreds of calories but there are some different aspects that can vary between the number of calories being burnt whilst you are sleeping, for instance, if you ate something before you sleep, you will be burning more calories. And drinking water before sleeping can also help your body burn more calories

Hopefully, this article was helpful in answering your query about being taller in the morning. Do tell us if you actually try the expeeriment and what results you get, and if you want an answer to “How To Grow 5 Inches Taller In 2 Weeks?” we have an article written on that too so do give it a look too

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