How Tall Is A Hobbit?

How Tall Is A Hobbit? by

There are a few questions that come to mind when thinking about the characters that we love. One of these is how tall is the Hobbits?

The average size of the main character in the “Hobbit” series is 3 feet and 6 inches tall.

It is believed that the average height of Hobbits was around 2 feet to 4 feet. This makes them taller than many fans have speculated.

Hobbits And Dwarves!

Dwarfs are taller than hobbits, though they’ll live longer than them. In fact, they’ll live longer than them. Also, they’re related to the Men instead of being separated from them.

Contrary to popular belief, Hobbits aren’t taller than the Dwarves. In fact, they can live longer than the dwarfs! They’re also related to Men, though Dwarves also are not entirely separate.

An Elaborate Video On Hobbits’ Height!

The Hobbit And Filming!

In order to make the creatures look short, they used actual body doubles. The directors even tried to utilize a trick called Forced Perspective to make the creatures look bigger or shorter.

Moreover, when we saw the two characters at Bag End, it was a separate shot that was then combined with another shot to make it look more fluid. Also, both of them were filmed at different sets.

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Hobbit And Human’ Height

Compared to human beings, hobbits are about half as big as normal human beings. However, just like humans, hobbits also vary by people.

There’s no doubt that their height and simplicity make them unique.

Average Height Of Hobbits!

Their average size is around 3 feet to 4 feet.

Contrary to popular belief, Hobbits do not have big feet. but, they do certainly have hairy feet.

These creatures have curly hairs on their feet which help them move around without any assistance from any kind of shoes.

Hobbits And Hands!

Hobbits had a wider and more rugged hand, which gave them the confidence and skills to be good at what they did.

Some Fun Facts On Hobbits:

  • Hobbits And Mushrooms: Hobbits are known for their passion for all things food, and they certainly love mushrooms. If they had enough, they would venture into spider-filled forests and lava fields without hesitation for mushrooms.

If Frodo hadn’t been so quick to panic, the story of The One Ring might have ended with him wandering around in a mushroom patch without anyone around him.

  • Hobbits Don’t Have Much Facial Hair

Given that both the hobbits and the dwarves are known for being short, it might be easy to mix them up. But one key feature that makes them stand out is their beards.

  • Hobbits And Their Love Of Bright Colors!

Hobbits are fond of wearing bright colors, especially yellows and green. They usually dress in outfits that reflect their love of color.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see much of the colorful clothing that was used in The Lord of the Rings. Instead, the characters wore more earthy tones to blend in with the environment.

The colors of the Shire were reflected in the walls and the furniture.

  • Hobbits Live Longer Then Humans:

Despite their fondness for overindulging, hobbits are still living longer than humans. They live an average lifespan of around 100 years. This could be down to their peaceful ways of life or the genes that make them good.

It could be that they are afraid of heights or being chased by dragons. They also tend to avoid being in danger.

  • Hobbits Coming Of Age:

Although most of us may act like teenagers all the way until our 30s, humans are officially adults at 18.But this is not the case for Hobbits

If you weren’t already convinced that this is the place for you, then add 15 more years of youth to the list cause that is what the Hobbits have to deal with until they come of age

  • Hobbit’s Skeletons!

In 2003, the discovery of tiny human skeletons in Indonesia caught the attention of the public. They were called hobbits by experts.

It’s hard to tell if the Homo floresiensis is a forerunner of humans or if it’s just a collection of hobits that roamed the Earth before the modern humans arrived.

We may not know if these hobbits enjoyed fireworks or ate second breakfast. But, if nothing else, it’s a shame that Tolkien is not around to comment upon the exciting discovery of real-world heroes.

  • More Then One Type Of Hobbits!

The Hobbits originated from the Valley of Anduin. They are known as the Three Hobbits.

The Harfeet and Stoors were the most numerous. These were both sedentary, hole-diggers who lived in the Gladden Fields. The Sméagol and Déagol were descended from this group.

The Fallohides were the least likely of the Hobbits to be bold. They lived in the woods near the Misty Mountains, and their ancestors had blood through their common ancestor.

  • Hobbits And Their Meals!

Some of the similarities between the novels and the films are obvious. For instance, the fact that the Hobbits are very good at eating.

Tolkien explains how the Hobbits lived. They were fond of simple jokes and were good at eating and drinking.

The Hobbits describe how they eat in the movies. Except when they’re saving Middle-earth.

So, in Tolkien’s case, he described seven meals a day. In Jackson’s case, he referred to meals as supper and dinner.

  • Female Hobbits!

Elf-maiden Tauriel is a character in the movies that injects a female presence into a story about warriors stealing jewelry.

There are certainly female characters in The Hobbit. While they do not have main male characters, there are certainly female Hobbits.

Despite being very few, female Hobbits are described as having a similar autonomy to that of the male Hobbits. They also seem to have a similar patriarchal structure.

Rosie Cotton is the wife of Samwise, who left the Shire on a quest and waited for him to come back. There are also many other characters named after them.

  • Hobbit’s Calender And Birthdays!

The Hobbits are incredibly particular about their customs and eating patterns. They also have a calendar that dates back to the beginning of each month.

The Hobbits have special days that do not sit in any month. They are called Yule 1 and 2, and they are called Litheday every fourth year.

They also care about their birthday. A Hobbit would be expected to organize a party for the occasion, providing gifts and guests as well

  • Gollum Was A Hobbit!

Gollum, who was also referred to as Sméagol, was a river dweller before he got corrupted by the Ring.

Glorum was derived from the gurgling sound that he made. It is believed that Sméagol was a Stoor, one of the three early Hobbits.

It is his heritage that makes him so sympathetic towards Gollum. There is a moment in the film where he realizes that Gollum is a pathetic creature.

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