How Tall Is Alphonse Elric? (Alphonse Elric’ Height)

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Alphonse Elric’s Height in metal form is 7’3/ 221 cm/ 2.21 meters/ 87 inches and his real height in human form is 5’10/ 178 cm/ 1.78 meters/ 70 inches.

In his gunmetal-hued steel protective layer body, Alphonse stands apart as perhaps the tallest character in the arrangement, creeping out such robust man-mountains as Captain Buccaneer and Major Armstrong while totally predominating his more established sibling, who just comes up to his elbow toward the start of the arrangement.

Alphonse’s Height In All The Units

Feet CentimetersMetersInches
7’3 in the metal form
5’10 in human form
221 in the metal form
178 in human form
1.82 in the metal form
1.78 in human form
87 in the metal form
70 in human form
Sasuke’s Height In All The Units
Some Interesting Facts About FMA

All things considered, a running gag in the arrangement is that he is every now and again confused with being the popular “Fullmetal Alchemist” (because of his full-defensively covered steel body) instead of his sibling – the legitimate carrier of the title. He is additionally frequently confused with being the more established sibling or even Ed’s dad once in a while. The cap that includes Al’s face is embellished with an enormous, cone shaped horn in the brow, has a couple of equal, even vents underneath every half-moon eye opening and a tooth theme simply over the jutting jaw. The highest point of the protective cap additionally sports a lace of white hair that hangs down to the little of the suit’s back. Later in the arrangement, the hair is trimmed short during an encounter with the Fort Briggs Mountain Patrol, causing Al a deep sense of dismay.

The storage compartment of the body likewise comprises of a removable breastplate with a projecting, three-sided rack on the chest just beneath the throat monitor, a high collar that reaches out of the back and encompasses the back and sides of the neck, and a huge, roundabout cowhide fix on one or the other side of the midsection.

A breechcloth covers the crotch and painted on the left shoulder is a red Flamel, meaning Alphonse’s tutelage under the expert chemist, Izumi Curtis.

Al’s defensive layer body additionally seems to have a triple spike theme, as each shoulder is decorated with a triplet of enormous conelike spikes lined in succession and each elbow, knee, and foot conveys little, spiky projections too. Al additionally seems to have a white band around his correct leg which holds up a little weapons holster.

Inside the unfilled covering is a shade of networking mail for the security of its previous wearer just as a little catalytic rune attracted Edward’s blood, which ties Al’s spirit to the metal via the iron in both. Al’s “Blood Seal” is extraordinary – likely of Edward’s own plan – and means a little fire secured by various converging polygons.

Alphonse’ Human Form

In the manga, Alphonse’s appearance before the mishap was somewhat like his brother’s. In spite of being a year more youthful, Al was taller than Edward and, after its all said and done and wore his brilliant fair hair short and perfect with a splitting on the left side. His eyes – gold like Ed’s – are rounder than his sibling’s and set in a more extensive face, making Al more intently take after Trisha Elric than Ed, who looks like Van Hohenheim.

In Chapter 53, it is uncovered that Al’s body actually exists, living without its spirit inside the Gate. With definitely no immediate sustenance or support, it has gotten skeletally slight, with its finger and toenails developing past his digits and its hair, however still separated on the left, developing past the shoulders in back and becoming down ridiculous side of the face, right to its collarbone in the front. Despite the fact that it didn’t exist in the actual domain, it had matured and created as it would have in the actual world. Before the finish of the arrangement, subsequent to recapturing his human body, he is solid and very much fed once more.

In the 2003 anime arrangement, Al’s human appearance contrasts marginally. His hair is a couple of shades hazier than Edward’s, and his eyes are earthy colored rather than gold, however something else, there are no significant contrasts between the anime and manga. The occasions of Conqueror of Shamballa portray Al wearing a comparative hairdo to that of his more seasoned sibling, with his bangs worn long, yet separated on the left as opposed to in the middle, and a pig tail hanging down in the back. His outfit in the film is additionally very much like Ed’s, including a couple of white gloves set apart with Transmutation Circles. In any case, in contrast to Ed, whose dark coat was secured at the top with a catch or zipper, Al wears a coat affixed by a column of four more modest catches. Another remarkable contrast is that Al doesn’t wear lift boots, in all probability because of the way that he doesn’t share his sibling’s stature issues.


From multiple points of view, Alphonse’s quiet and inactive mien exists as a foil to his more seasoned sibling’s more rough character. Al is benevolent, eminently caring and patient nearly to say the least, acting regularly out of defensive benevolence for his friends and family, new companions and in some cases even toward his foes (Scar is a specific model). Having had his mental development hindered at ten years old because of loss of his actual body, Alphonse holds an untainted virtue notwithstanding the entirety of his experienced abhorrences; nonetheless, in spite of his age, he has consistently shown an altogether more elevated level of development than Edward. Despite the fact that Al is pretty much as enthusiastic as his sibling, he has commented that his indignation takes more time to start and jokes that he is constantly gotten the best of by Edward’s upheavals.

Then again, Al’s heart contains some obscurity conceived from the misfortunes of his life. Tormented with weaknesses about his own questionable presence inside a suit of defensive layer, Al wants the human warmth of his previous life in frantic quiet, feelings of trepidation that he won’t ever again know closeness, and is at times overpowered by the doubt that he, when all is said and done, isn’t human. It is additionally uncovered that Alphonse worries about the additional concern of reprimanding himself for the disappointment of his mom’s restoration and the ensuing loss of his sibling’s appendages.

As Edward disdains his own humble height, Alphonse detests being helped to remember his enormous size and frequently turns out to be despairing when it restrains or points out unnecessary him, regretting that it was not his decision to turn out to be so huge. Accordingly, he shows a lot of delight when others treat him as a kid rather than the cumbersome brutish grown-up persona that his appearance emits.

Perhaps as a component of his longing for warmth and love, Alphonse shows an incredible friendship for little felines and has built up a propensity for getting stray cats that he finds throughout the span of his movements, concealing them inside his protective layer depression from his disliking sibling.

On a more unobtrusive level, Alphonse seems to have an incredible affection for ladies too. Especially delicate himself, Alphonse has a present for free and rousing discourse that outperforms even that of his brother’s. While this doesn’t refute the impact his protective layer body has on customary young ladies, it permits him to have an impact on the couple of ladies with whom he routinely partners like Mei Chang, Riza Hawkeye, Lan Fan and Sheska. At the point when his abilities are important, Alphonse is regularly matched up with female confidants in circumstances where Edward is absent. In a large number of the omake, Arakawa makes Al’s essential inspiration finding a sweetheart.

Beside the glow of actual contact, what Alphonse misses most about having a human body is by all accounts tasty food. He keeps a diary of the multitude of different food varieties he will eat after getting back to his body to keep his spirits up (a training energized by Edward) and has expressed that his fondest wish is to have a portion of Winry’s fruit dessert.

Al holds to the possibility that utilizing a Philosopher’s Stone is comparable to kill, yet in addition comprehends that the wills of the stone’s part spirits are likewise significant. This is the thing that permitted him to utilize the force of a stone against Pride and Kimbly.

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