How Tall Is Killua? (Killua’s Height)

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Killua is 5’2/ 158cm/ 1.58 meters/ 62 inches in height, but that’s reasonable considering his age.

Killua has spiky silver hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. His eyes change shape contingent upon the state of mind that he’s in, narrowing and honing when he goes into death mode.

Killua is genuinely lean toward the beginning of the show, because of consistent actual molding and torment preparing he got when he was youthful. Over the long haul, he turns out to be more solid and conditioned. In the Nippon Animation anime transformation, Killua’s eye tone is changed to green during the OVAs. He is additionally frequently seen holding a green skateboard (became yellow in the 2011 show).

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Killua normally wears loose garments, with his typical clothing comprising of long-sleeved and dim shaded shirts. The greater part of his garments have a turtleneck. Killua wears long, loose shorts in the manga and Madhouse enlivened transformation, however Nippon Animation’s character configuration abbreviated them to reach over his knees. Killua likewise wears purple boots, recolored earthy colored and dark in the Nippon Animation variation.

As a kid, Killua’s hair is longer, nearly falling to his shoulders. He wore a hoodie with his brand name blue shading, dim jeans, and shoes.

Fun Facts About Killua Zoldyck!


At first, Killua is presented as a character who seems like Gon: saucy, happy, and loaded with naughty thoughts. Be that as it may, differentiating Gon’s consideration, Killua can be very impolite to other people, for the most part outsiders and more established individuals. He is most usually known for having a sweet tooth; he adores everything sweet and spent nearly Jenny Symbol 2011.svg200 million on tidbits when he was at the Heavens Arena. His #1 tidbit is chocolate, explicitly Chocolate Balls and Chocolate Robots.

He is likewise one of the speediest reasoning characters and frequently dissects a circumstance no sweat and exactness.

Disregarding his young age, his perspective, information, and practicality give him the demeanor of a grown-up. He is at first exceptionally sure about his own capacities, going similarly as scrutinizing Gon’s ability during the Hunter Exam, and contrasts his solidarity and others.

As time passed, Killua got unassuming about it and no longer promotes his own capacities. Notwithstanding his high level information and prudent nature, he isn’t open all in all and will turn out to be exceptionally humiliated when Gon straightforwardly calls him his dearest companion or praises him about their bond.

In spite of his frightful childhoods and the unbearable preparing his family has put him under, Killua has figured out how to remain commonly certain and doesn’t appear to be excessively mentally influenced by the torment he’s suffered, exhibiting an honorable, unadulterated side of him.

While displaying his capacities and transforming his Nen into power, both Netero and Biscuit have noticed how really shocking his youth probably been, with the previous expressing that it’s a supernatural occurrence Killua is even ready to grin by any means.

Killua’s bloodlust

Nonetheless, his mercilessness and inclination in murdering show the opposite side of him—lethal, fierce, and ruthless. This side blurs as he invests more energy with Gon, despite the fact that he is as yet unafraid to compromise or execute any individual who assaults him or Gon.

Clashing with Killua’s predisposal to murder is his steadfast reliability to his companions and common generosity. He guarantees Gon was his first companion, and he becomes dynamically more joined to him over the long haul. Killua regularly endures colossally in his endeavors to help his companions without a solitary protest.

He puts others before himself without being worried about his own wellbeing or even his life.

Killua’s dread of his sibling

As of not long ago, Killua’s most noteworthy blemish was his dread of those apparently more impressive than him (one of whom being his elder sibling, Illumi). Killua had been prepared as a professional killer by his sibling to be very mindful and to just participates in battle given that triumph is sure beyond a shadow of a doubt.

This obstructed him as a Hunter, as Biscuit expressed more than once that triumph is rarely sure, and that relying upon the conditions, an individual can possibly crush a more grounded opponent.

Killua particularly battles with these dueling belief systems during the last 50% of the show, as he experiences more grounded rivals. His sibling’s lessons remained solidly dug in his psyche, to a point where Biscuit forecasted that he would one day forsake Gon along these lines.

At long last, he needed to confront Biscuit’s prescience when he experienced a Chimera Ant while Gon (who couldn’t utilize Nen at that point) was not far-removed and had no real way to guard himself. At last, Killua understood that Illumi had embedded a needle in his cerebrum path back in the principal Hunter Exam.

This needle was liable for driving Killua to withdraw and imprisoning himself in his usual range of familiarity at whatever point any circumstance would possibly imperil his life. After extricating the needle, Killua was liberated from this limitation and dealt with his psyche to settle on his own choice whether to escape at whatever point there is a need to battle more grounded opponents.

Killua’s betting issue

During the occasions of Greed Island, Killua has demonstrated to be profoundly helpless to betting. Venturing to bet with his life to get a major award in the gaming machine and appear to show hefty betting surge in his eyes making Biscuit neck slash him to make him stop.

A glaring difference to his closest companion Gon, Killua is profoundly developed in both reasoning and feeling in which he can hold his resentment under tight restraints and keep up judiciousness better than Gon in any event, when confronting a frightening encounter like the demise of Kite, while Gon surrenders to his anger and loses his legitimate reasoning.

Fun Facts About Killua!

Killua Was The Youngest To Clear The Hunter Exam!: Killua has always been an over-powered character even from the very start. And the hunter exams is displayed to be an event that pushes and strains even the most powerful of people. Moreover, Killua was the youngest to be in the exams both time he took the hunter exam.

Many from the fan base were sure about Killua winning the hunter exam even the first time he gave it a shot, if it weren’t for his brother, who intervened

The first time Killua ended up killling one of the other competitors which led to him being disqualified.

But the second time, when he came for the hunter exam, he was in a hurry as, Gon was waiting for him inside the game. This time he basically aced the second exam, by defeating all of the other competitors that came that year.

This further went on to show how much Killua’s power had increased within the brief period fo the first and the second hunter exams!

Down below is also a video attached of Killua when he basically aced the second exam, by defeating all of the other competitors that came that year.

Killua Respected His Father! Killua’s father has been shown in the series only a handful of time, and even less when he is having an interaction with his son, Killua. But despite giving the impression that he would be arrogant, selfish and an unempathatic of his son.

he turns out to support his son when Killua talks to his father about Gon and others. This was perceived by many in the fanbase as though he was trying to be manipulative by saying things that Killua just wanted to hear.

Killua Loves His Sister The Most Out Of His Family!: Killua doesn’t have a good relationship with most of his family, this is quite vivid throughout the anime series. Moreover, the only one he is seen to have a comparatively good relationship with is his father (who seems to be manipulating him unbeknownst to Killua).

But despite all of this, he had a soft spot for his sister from the very start, and was upset throughout that she had to live in a closed room because of her powers. Moreover, the struggle he goes throguh to understand his sister and get her back to her usual and normal self is extra-ordinary. Moroever, his sister seems to be trusting him and only him in the whole wide world.

Even in the end of his series, Killua changes separates from Gon because of his sister, as he wants to help her completely out with his condition, and considers it a responsibility on him.

Killua Was More Powerful Then Gon In The Start Of The Series: Throughout the series Gon and Killua are shown to be more or less the same level of powerful throughout. But early on, during the start of the series, Killua was shown to be more powerful then Gon.

But later on, in the series, Gon did end up getting more powerful, and competing with Killua’s power in a different kind of a way.

But even after that, Killua is still belived to be the stronger of the two.

Killua is the most popular character according to fan polls: According to fan polls that have been conducted in the last decade, Killua has been established to be the most famous character througout the series.

Killua And Godspeed! Killua’s power known as godspeed which he gained control over by making electricity in his body. Killua then alters the normal functioning of his nervous system to overall enhance his speed by a large account.

And this power of him even gives him the ability to touch and hurt the opponents whom he normally wouldn’t have had a touch to get near in normal circumstances.

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