How Tall Is Mikasa? (Mikasa’s Height)

Mikasa was 5’7 or 170 cm or 67 inches before the time skip in the series and it is believed that her height has increased by nearly 3 inches after the time skip reaching a height of a whopping 176 cm/ 5’9½

. But despite being above average in height in girls, there is also no doubt about the titan-killing skill she possesses

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Fun Fact

Due to being the only living heir of an asian clan from her mother’s side, she has a big price on her head even in the black market

Some Fun Facts About Mikasa

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  • Ancestory

Alongside being an ackerman she is additionally half asian on her mom’s side. Her mom is essential for the Asian family Kenny’s granddad’s alluding to, in the past section. She is the lone known overcomer of her tribe, seeing that her mother was murder by these dealers, prior in the arrangement. Besides, her mom’s lineage envelops solid battling capacities, which implies Mikasa comes from two incredible families.

  • Mikasa is One Of The Heaviest Female Characters

This might be disturbing to most, yet Mikasa weighs around 150 lbs. Thinking about the reality, she’s just 5’7, which implies she should be all muscle. She is the heaviest known female in the arrangement, exceeding even the vast majority of the men in the Scouts. The solitary two men she doesn’t exceed are Bertolt and Reiner, and they’re both over 6ft tall.

  • She Graduated first In Her Class From The Training Corps

Wonder doesn’t depict this lady; Mikasa graduates first in her group, during the 104th Training Corps. Taking into account how amazing she is, this isn’t an astonishment, notwithstanding, it’s as yet something worth referencing. They’re numerous gifted scouts from that class, three of them being, Annie, Reiner, and Bertolt, who are capable officers.

  • Mikasa’s name has an interesting start

Mikasa’s name gets from a Japanese Navy warship; the name likewise means “Three Bamboo Hats”. Arrangement maker, Hajime Isayama, states he picked the name, Mikasa, out of accepting that an arrangement with a female character named after a warship, will in general be fruitful. Estimate he was correct, considering this arrangement has gotten one of the top-selling manga around the world.

A Bit More About Mikasa

Mikasa Ackerman is the receptive sister of Eren Yeager and one of the two deuteragonists of the arrangement, alongside Armin Arlert.

After her natural guardians were killed by human dealers, Mikasa was safeguarded by Eren Yeager and lived with him and his folks, Grisha and Carla, before the fall of Wall Maria. She is the last relative of the Shogun tribe that remained on Paradis Island, consequently identified with the Azumabito family, and holds huge political force in Hizuru.

In spite of the fact that she wants just to carry on with a serene life, Mikasa went into the military—where she is viewed as the best fighter among the 104th Training Corps. She later enrolls in the Survey Corps to follow and secure Eren, getting probably the best resource. She is right now filling in as an official in the Corps.

Mikasa is a genuinely tall and all around conditioned lady. She is of fractional Asian legacy, with fair skin, dark eyes, and shaggy dark hair that was long until she trimmed it to jawline length. Constantly 854, her hair is more limited and trimmed up to the rear of her neck, however she all the while wears discernibly longer bangs. She bears a tattoo of the Azumabito family peak outwardly of her correct wrist. There is a little scar underneath her correct eye, which was because of a physical issue conveyed by Eren’s Titan during the Battle of Trost District.[14]

Mikasa regularly wears the first Survey Corps uniform, whose hardware is evenly at her hips, with a white pullover under and a dark scarf that she quite often wears.She likewise wears a green cape with the wings of opportunity on the back during certain missions.

When off the clock, Mikasa’s easygoing clothing comprises of a basic knee-length white dress, a light cardigan, earthy colored boots, and her unmistakable dark scarf.

While in Marley, Mikasa wears a dark Survey Corps uniform, which includes a breastplate with the Survey Corps image; numerous belts to oblige all the distinctive stuff; support poles around her chest for the gas canister; and tall dark boots. She likewise conveys weapons, thunder sticks, an extra fuel tank, and canisters running vertically down her legs.


Prior to joining the Yeager family, Mikasa gave off an impression of being a merry, active, and delicate youngster. Her blamelessness permitted her to push on edge considerations to the rear of her brain, proceeding to live with her folks and friends and family cheerfully. Growing up, Mikasa has become genuinely removed and discernibly hazardous, once in a while threatening her adversaries or even her friends. She is very emotionless and reasonable, seldom seen to lose her cool or be at a deficiency of what to do, regardless of how depressing the circumstance is by all accounts. Her will is surprisingly solid, shown when she figured out how to remain so ostensibly quiet when Eren was assumed dead; no one but Armin could tell that she was doing combating with the torment of losing him.

Mikasa really focuses profoundly on her companions and guardians, considering them to be the last leftovers of a family she can’t bear to lose.She likewise seems to have a weakness for kids, confirmed by her bowing to a young lady she saved and her immediately saving a Marleyan fighter, notwithstanding the last’s having prior slaughtered one of her friends. Mikasa isn’t totally resistant with the impacts of her feelings, be that as it may: Her solid affections for her darling ones, especially when they are at risk, does on occasion cloud her judgment in anger—once in a while to the peril of herself and others. A prominent model was when Mikasa momentarily yielded to her sorrow over Eren’s evident end and lost the will to live, failing to remember her obligation regarding the existences of the fighters she willingly volunteered to lead simultaneously. In any case, she was stirred by her recollections of Eren and a settled on choice to never surrender again, as her recollections would pass on with her.

Since the beginning, Mikasa was abnormally discerning, mindful of the brutality of nature by seeing the way in which hunters chase and slaughter more fragile prey. Her tranquility was broken when a band of crooks fiercely killed her folks before her eyes in a bombed capturing endeavor, possibly saving herself and her rescuer when she figured out how to surrender all hindrance and faltering to execute one of her assailants. Following this horrible accident, Mikasa would acquire a by and large critical point of view and acknowledge the world as a pitiless spot where just the individuals who are solid can survive.[21] Her assurance to secure her cherished ones however much as could reasonably be expected has contributed significantly to her exceptional abilities as an officer. Despite the fact that being among the most amazing aspect the best, she stays humble and abstains from acting better than everyone else or showing pomposity.

Mikasa has a solid feeling of good and bad, doing all that she can to cause her most rash companions to follow what she believes is the privilege track.[22] disregarding this, she is very much aware that she can’t generally influence them in choices and makes it a highlight follow them any place they go, just so she can be around to assist when inconvenience arises.[23] The sole explanation she enrolled in the military and joined the Survey Corps after her graduation was to watch out for Eren, notwithstanding the way that she really wished to experience the remainder of her days in relative harmony inside the Walls close by him.

Mikasa’s bond with Eren is without a doubt her most significant relationship and the one that characterizes her. Her character as a young person was especially affected by Eren, who revealed to her she had no possibility of endurance in the event that she didn’t battle for it. His words kept on remaining with her, and she consequently reviewed them to spike her on when she was near death. Mikasa wears the dark scarf Eren gave her when they initially met, clutching it as a wellspring of solidarity and solace when she is disturbed. She had straightforwardly sobbed tears of alleviation at his security and created wrathful feelings of resentment towards the individuals who hurt him, from adversaries to her own bosses. While the specific idea of her sentiments are obscure, she become flushed when it was suggested she and Eren were darlings; further, after he offended her and expressed that he had consistently abhorred her, she was noticeably harmed and in the long run abandoned the scarf he had given her.While she would recapture the scarf from Louise, Mikasa still can’t seem to be seen wearing it once more.

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