How Tall Is White Diamond?

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White Diamond is 5’8/ 175 cm/ 1.75 meters in height.

White Diamond is demonstrated to be about a head taller than her kindred Diamonds. She has white skin, white spiky hair in a shape like a star pentagon, jewel formed white students with huge and full dark eyelashes, light dim eyeshadow, and dark fingernails.

White Dimaond’s Height In All Measuring Units

Best White Diamond’ Moments

Her body continually emanates a splendid light which, alongside her boat’s splendor, likely makes her gemstone scarcely obvious while her different highlights are noticeable on the grounds that they’re either dark or have dark diagrams. A drawing by Rebecca Sugar uncovers the clouded details,[1] as does the Hot Topic T-shirt alongside the scene “Adjust Your Perspective” and forward. Her gemstone is situated on her temple and is a side perspective on a round-cut jewel.

White Diamond wears a long clear white dress that arrives at the floor and cut up the two sides to her thighs, having shoulder braces. She additionally wears a cape with dark and dim stripes that is fixed with flickering precious stone and star plans and joined to her arms, just as a couple of complicatedly point by point dress shoes with high heels. A flashback in “Your Mother and Mine” shows that she had sharp fingers yet no fingernails and there was no cape appended to her arms.

The Personality of Diamond White

White is depicted as being troublesome and has a temper that can require a significant stretch of time to chill off: She seemed both quiet and comprehension during her first gathering with Steven, welcoming him (as Pink Diamond) energetically in spite of his appearance bearing no likeness to how Pink Diamond really looked. In any case, White is terse and contemptuous, intruding on Steven at whatever point he attempts to address her, and afterward quickly sends him away to another room without notice when she is finished. She treats the whole undertaking with the Earth, the Rebellion, Pink’s faked breaking and nonattendance throughout the previous 6,000 years with a combination of patronization and lack of concern, commenting everything being basically one of “Pink’s games” and asks Steven (as Pink) on the off chance that he “had a great time” and “got it out of [his] framework.”

As per Yellow Diamond, White never leaves her boat and never gives anybody access a couple of cases or occurrences, (for example, Pink/Steven’s re-visitation of Homeworld), so it could be conceivable that she is somewhat withdrawn. As indicated by Blue Diamond, she has no awareness of what’s actually funny, being incensed with Pink for naming a bunch of Pyrite “moron’s gold”. Regardless of this, White has a specific weakness for Pink, joining different Diamonds in Blue’s Pool Chamber to mess around, for example, think about the thing melody Pink was singing submerged.

It is shown in “Alter Your Perspective” that White Diamond is an egotistical fussbudget, improving different jewels by liberally “eliminating their imperfections”. At the point when she assumed responsibility for the Crystal Gems, she disclosed to Steven that “there isn’t anything to ruin [her] white light shining through them” and saying that they are currently “great”. White Diamond has severe assumptions in transit different Gems ought to carry on, causing a colossal pressing factor that Yellow Diamond says could “break a Gem.” She takes this fixation so far that she separates after she gets passionate, going the extent that maxim feelings are a defect. This uncovers her greatest imperfection/dread: atelophobia.

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