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There are 3 Jojos as we konw, Jonathen Joestar and his grandson Jotaru Kujo are both 6 Feet 4 Inches ( 195 cm ) In Height. Whereas Josuke Higishikata is nearly 6 Feet 1 Inches (185cm )

Who Is The Tallest Joestar?

Wamuu is the tallest joestar coming at a height of 197 cm or nearly 6’5.

Down below is also the list of the heights of all the related members of the family

 Jonathan Joestar, Joseph
Joestar, Jotaro Kujo, Dio Brando
Jean Pierre Polnareff + hair193cm/6’3
Muhammad Abdul, Leone Abbacchio188cm/6’2
Caesar Zeppeli186cm/6’1+
Jean Pierre Polnareff, Josuke Higashikakta185cm/6’1
Donatello Versus181cm/5’11+
Pannacotta Fugo180cm/5’11
Guido Mista179cm/5’10+
 Noriaki Kakyoin, Okuyasu Nijimura
Bruno Buccellati, Narciso Anasui
Lisa Lisa, Kira Yoshikage,
Kosaku Kawajiri, Hermes Costello
Jolyne Cujoh174cm/5’8½
Giorno Giovanna172cm/5’7+
Yukako Yamagishi167cm/5’5¾
Yasuho Hirose166cm/5’5½
Narancia Ghirga, Foo Fighters164cm/5’4+
Trish Una163cm/5’4
Koichi Hirose157cm/5’2
Emporio Alniño140cm/4’7

Some Interesting Facts About Jojo

  • Jotaro’s Meant To Look Like Joseph: It should abandon saying that relatives should bear likeness to each other, yet the interminable advancement of Araki’s craft style all through JoJo makes it hard to see the similitudes on occasion. This is the place where David Production proves to be useful. In the anime, Jotaro truly looks like Joseph when his cap his off. A lot angrier Joseph with more full eyebrows, yet Jotaro’s absolutely similar to his granddad. This is even remarked on in-universe during section 4 where Josuke’s mom botches Jotaro for Joseph. Curiously, there are no genuine visual similitudes among Jotaro and his little girl. That is something the anime can without much of a stretch fix.
  • The Last Real “JoJo” Regardless, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure genuinely attempts to make the moniker “Jojo” stick as every principle character’s name almost immediately. Jonathan generally passes by JoJo, Joseph utilizes JoJo as an epithet in certain spots, and Jotaro is at times called JoJo. After Jotaro, however, Araki drops the JoJo naming show past the convention, all things considered, Josuke, Giorno, and Jolyne are all JoJos, however they don’t really pass by JoJo in their accounts, rather chiefly passing by their own names. This winds up being something both Johnny and Josuke wind up partaking in the Steel Ball Run congruity.
  • Jotaro And The Tarot In Part 3: The Tarot has an impact over all of Stardust Crusaders. It’s the namesake of the entirety of the first Stands. While the arrangement would in the end wander from this naming show, it’s a remarkable beginning stage for Stand names. Strangely, Jotaro’s name is a blend of both JoJo and “tarot.”Given how Part 3 uses the Tarot as a feature of its overall tasteful and style, it’s fitting that Jotaro would be named after a particularly significant part of Stardust Crusader’s personality. It’s likewise likely a method of keeping Jotaro’s name adequately comparative to Jonathan’s and Joseph’s while as yet sounding properly Japanese.

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