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Kaido has a whopping height of 28 Feet/ 850cm/ 8.5 meters/ 335 inches.

Kaido is a moderately aged man who cuts a monumental figure due in equivalent measure to his incredible height (remaining at somewhat more limited than his subordinate Jack, who remains at 8.3 meters (27 feet) and muscle mass, effectively predominating ordinary people. Excessively unbalanced in form, he has an expansive, all around ripped middle with wide-set shoulders, solid arms, and fairly messed up legs; undeniably less intensely worked than his arms yet about a similar length (with his feet a lot littler than his hands).

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Kaido’s head, on his cumbersome neck, is disproportionally little also (more modest than his hands) and has a gigantic pair of dim white, sharp-pointed horns emerge from its sides, bending marginally to the front, at that point upward. He has a longish face with a substantial, smooth forehead ridge[1] besting sharp, regularly red eyes (parent to little, yellow irises),[29] in addition to a snare nose and a huge, full-lipped mouth. Kaido is close consistently seen scowling and is reasonably wrinkled: especially conspicuous being his crow’s feet beneath his eyes, brow lines, and chuckle lines from continually jeering. His dark hair comprises of a rowdy, for the most part cleared back mane down to his mid-back, which shapes unmistakably level, rectangular secures of which some fall close to the front, over his ears, or stick upward. His beard is perfect, done in a wavy, midsection length Fu Manchu mustache that sets with a spiked goatee across his jaw. Right of his characterized abs is his solitary scar: a huge, recessed X-shape whose upper focuses reach to his pectoral,[1] given to him by Kozuki Oden.[30] A tattoo of faint red sections taking after reptilian scales, separately lined in orange, goes from his left pectoral down the front of his left arm, finishing off with correspondence to the wrist with a white (dull in the manga), generally molded skull on the lower forearm.[1]

Garments astute, Kaido wears a blue-purple, feathered, sleeveless jacket hung on his shoulders, and under a lavender, tight-fitting, open shirt with long sleeves. He has a dark arm band with brilliant (dim in the manga) spikes over every wrist. Maintaining said shirt is a thick, grayish belt of laid rope trimmed with a couple of white, hanging shide in the front. All the more apparently from underneath the rope drape two extra bits of texture: rectangular, stitched folds (which might be the lower part of said shirt) that each have, from two trimmed openings at their last, a short, thick, brilliant torus affix connected to themselves. Two yellow straw strings are underneath the shimenawa, filling in as belts to get a short, balancing line of slight, red strips. At last, the remainder of his lower wear comprises of straightforward, loose jeans of dark green tone, tucked beneath the knees into basic, dark boots.

20 years before the current storyline, Kaido’s Fu Manchu was just chest-length, he did not have his present facial hair, had many less wrinkles, and until his fight with Oden didn’t have any obvious scars on him.[32] During Oden’s execution, he wore the matching of a dark, sleeveless cowhide coat and dark, tight calfskin pants, with a belt highlighting his group’s Jolly Roger on its enormous, round clasp. At the time because of the injury he experienced battling Oden, Kaido’s chest and mid-region were vigorously gauzed


Kaido is a cruel, forceful, and certain fighter who never botches a chance to acquire a benefit in war. He experiences episodes of detachment and weariness, holding an overall feeling of unconcern for most things including the actual idea of the world and the existences of himself and his subordinates. He keeps a surly aura with little delight and fervor in his life and is continually grimacing more often than not. Thusly, he longs for fervor and mayhem, needing to begin the biggest conflict on the planet since he felt it was too mundane. This carelessness, combined with his obvious powerlessness to kick the bucket, has made Kaido make endeavored self destruction his hobby. Kaido has a good view on death, imagining that it is the second an individual accomplishes genuine magnificence. In that capacity, he appreciates the individuals who kick the bucket battling until the end, like Gol D. Roger, Edward Newgate and Kozuki Oden.[39]

An inebriated Kaido suffocates his distresses.

Kaido is a substantial lush who loves to drink purpose, which makes his disposition change whimsically. For instance, he immediately went from being melancholic over his powerlessness to expand the quantity of his Gifters and satisfy his fantasy about having a group comprising of just Devil Fruit clients to losing control and fierce, severely beating his subordinates and reviling Luffy and Law. While alcoholic, Kaido may turn out to be more damaging coincidentally since he winds up focusing minimal on his environmental factors, to the burden of his own team and their tasks. Indeed, Kaido is such a constant consumer that he even aversions being calm at any given time.

With the objective of pursuing a hard and fast “last conflict” against the World Government, Kaido eventually tries to shape the most grounded privateer group comprising just of Devil Fruit clients; so he effectively searches out imposing labor in the New World to enlist into his developing armed force, including Super Rookies like Basil Hawkins, Scratchmen Apoo, and X Drake. Instead of murder the individuals who oppose him, he endeavors to break their soul through torment and constrained work until they either pass on or submit to his cause. Kaido likewise has an interest in tracking down the Ancient Weapons and the One Piece for his motivation; having taken a Road Poneglyph under his proprietorship and heartlessly chasing down Kozuki Momonosuke just as his three retainers, Kin’emon, Raizo, and Kanjuro, in the possibility that Kozuki Oden may have bestowed some information to them.

Kaido is known to be difficult to dissuade and not normally open for dealings or reasons, making it imprudent to incite or think little of him; this is implemented drastically when Donquixote Doflamingo, a previous Warlord of the Sea and previous World Noble known for his valiant disposition, got upset at the possibility of enraging Kaido when he turned out to be conceivably incapable to satisfy his finish of their business deal. One of his crewmates later expressed that Kaido would be extremely irate once he heard the information on the SMILE Factory’s annihilation. This outlandish disposition caused a gathering of Kaido’s subordinates including X Drake to endeavor to convey the information on Doflamingo’s loss to the Emperor from a distance instead of moving toward him in person.[45] Despite this, Kaido isn’t totally nonsensical as he now and then tunes in to his subordinates and is fit for aligning with an individual Emperor that he recently took steps to murder.

Kaido is incredibly unfeeling, even towards youngsters. In the wake of killing Kozuki Oden, he violently offended Oden directly before his child Momonosuke, adding joke to Momonosuke’s distress and hopelessness. Adding to this, he mercilessly assaulted Tama, and left her for dead. Kaido obtusely educated Queen about Komurasaki’s “passing” while nonchalantly chuckling at Queen’s depression over the demise of his godlike object and later discovered delight after seeing Orochi’s angry execution of Yasuie just as his partner’s cold-bloodedness in taking care of his own residents flawed SMILE organic products. As a damaging dad, Kaido likewise has no misgivings pummeling his girl Yamato since adolescence, showing that even his own kid isn’t saved from his brutality and fierceness.

Kaido is profoundly certain about his force and believes himself to be far over any semblance of Super Rookies, to the place of declining to take the Straw Hat Pirates and Heart Pirates intensely regardless of them devastating his SMILE exchange; this is built up by his conviction that crushing a Warlord of the Sea is not something to be dazzled with and resulting excusal of Donquixote Doflamingo as being weak.[40] He rushed to take steps to murder Big Mom when she reported her goal to go to his region, showing no reservations against somebody having power identical to his own.

Regardless of his gigantic pomposity, Kaido recognizes others of extraordinary strength, like Shutenmaru and Eustass Kid, wishing to have both become subordinates of his in spite of their continually rebellious mentality. This stretches out to Luffy, one individuals answerable for the stopping of his SMILE exchange that was essential to Kaido’s definitive objectives, at this point the Emperor decided to have the Straw Hat chief detained so he could be enlisted as a warrior of considerable force as opposed to executing him. Because of his regard for power, Kaido will offer solid subordinates an opportunity to be elevated to an All-Star in his team as long as they demonstrate it in an approved test against a current one. Since Kaido sees and recognizes a foe’s force, he doesn’t censure his subordinates for losing fights against rivals that he considers suitably amazing. Kaido excused Jack for losing to Nekomamushi and Inuarashi in their Sulong structures, since he comprehends that Jack isn’t frail, but instead that his foes were only excessively solid to handle.

Regardless of his merciless, savage standing, Kaido is even minded enough to evade strife that could wreck his powers and regions. At the point when Big Mom endeavored to attack Wano Country, Kaido dreaded it would turn into a full scale war and angrily requested his group to stop her, particularly in the wake of staying alert that Big Mom’s amazing kids were going with their mom. This was genuine even before, when Oden got back to Wano Country from his excursion. Kaido concurred with Orochi to fool Oden into accommodation by making a phony arrangement with him, giving himself an opportunity to build up his military. Kaido even confessed to being uncertain of battling Oden during the hour of their first gathering, recognizing the daimyo’s scandalous strong nature.

While Kaido is awful and merciless to his adversaries, he has some type of honor. At the point when he met Big Mom again without precedent for many years, he advised his men to take her Seastone sleeves off prior to attempting to execute her,

carefully liking to battle his foes true to form notwithstanding having a simpler opportunity to murder his kindred Emperor in a debilitated state. At the point when an individual from the Beasts Pirates apparently caught Kozuki Momonosuke (in truth Kurozumi Higurashi in mask) as a prisoner to occupy Oden, Kaido just accepted the open door to strike Oden down on the grounds that he didn’t know about the circumstance until afterwards.[50] Intolerable of treachery concerning his own fights, he killed Higurashi for meddling paying little heed to her being probably the nearest ally, and upon Oden effectively enduring being bubbled alive in oil for an hour while holding up his retainers during his execution, Kaido was seriously dazzled by Oden’s solidarity and resolution. As a last indication of regard, he educated Oden about Higurashi’s destruction while saying ‘sorry’ for her impedance in their fight and selected to execute Oden himself with a discharge.

Fair minutes to the side, Kaido can be somewhat slippery, and apparently accepts that disloyalty is important for a privateer’s inclination, conceding that he disregarded the danger of the Nine Red Scabbards since he never anticipated that they should align with privateers. Kaido isn’t above making bogus guarantees, having misled Oden twice to keep the daimyo and his country under tight restraints. The first occasion when, it was to purchase time as Oden dispirited himself to Wano’s residents for quite a long time, permitting Kaido to develop more fortitude for his military. The subsequent time was to have Oden and the Scabbards killed so the nation would lose their expectation of upheaval, notwithstanding an earlier consent to save them on the off chance that they endure a specific discipline. Kaido additionally has no second thoughts killing partners should they outlast their convenience, having decapitated Orochi once the last scrutinized his plot to change Wano into a privateer heaven notwithstanding their coalition of more than twenty years.

Kaido is extraordinarily irritated at the quantity of individuals equipped for Haoshoku Haki, expressing that the world doesn’t require so numerous individuals who could utilize it. Like a few different characters, Kaido has an extraordinary chuckling style: “Worororo”

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