Tallest Man In The World: Everything You Should Know!

Having been measured at 251 centimeters, Turkish farmer Sultan Kösen (born 10 December 1982) holds the Guinness World Record for being the tallest living male (8 ft 2.82 in). He is the seventh-tallest guy in recorded history and is of Kurdish descent.

Gigantism and acromegaly, disorders that emerged from the tumour in Kösen’s pituitary gland, led to his extreme height.
As a result of his disability, he must rely on crutches for mobility.

After more than two decades had passed since the last guy over 8 feet had been measured by Guinness World Records, Sultan Kösen made history in 2009.

Only eleven instances in history that Guinness World Records considers to be confirmed or reliable have measured 8 feet or more.

The Turkish farmer’s measurements came in at a whopping 246.5 cm (8 ft 1 in), earning him the title of “Tallest living man.”

The 26-year-old was re-measured in Ankara, Turkey, two years later, and his new height was a whopping 251 cm (8 ft 2.8 in).


On December 10, 1982, Sultan entered the world, but it wasn’t until he was 10 that his extraordinary growth surge began.

His parents and four siblings are all average height and weight.

The overproduction of growth hormone in Sultan’s pituitary gland causes his extraordinary height and growth pattern.

The pituitary gland in the brain secretes growth hormone; if the gland is compromised, like by a tumour, for instance, it may secrete an abnormally high or low amount of hormone. Overproduction causes problems like thickened bones and aching joints, as well as enlarged hands.

Sultan, unable to complete school because of his massive frame, dropped out and went to work on the family farm.

He has previously mentioned that being tall allows him to assist his mother with chores like hanging curtains and replacing light bulbs.

He lamented that it was difficult to fit into a standard-sized vehicle and that he could never find clothes or shoes to suit his height.

Sultan was signed by the Galatasaray basketball club while he was a teenager, but he was unable to play because he was too tall. He is still a lover of the sport, though.


A mutual friend introduced Sultan to Merve Dibo, who is nine years his junior and who is only 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 metres) tall.

Merve left her home in Hasaki, Syria, and made the trip to his hometown of Dede köy, Turkey, to be with him. Two months later, they tied the knot.

After the ceremony, approximately 1,500 people, including a representative from Guinness World Records and local authorities, celebrated with the happy couple at a reception.

The newlyweds returned to their custom-built Dede köy home after the ceremony, where they plan to start a family in the future.

Sultan Kosen Now!

Because of his towering stature, Sultan Kösen is now a household name all across the world.

After receiving the life-saving medical attention he required to finally stop his growth, Sultan has been offered roles in several Hollywood productions. Accepting a role in the 2016 film Achieving the Impossible, he made his acting debut that year.

He explained his decision to the Daily Mail by saying, “I made up my mind when the screenwriter came to visit me in Mardin, we discussed there, and I do enjoy the idea of attaining the impossible.”

With the Magic Circus of Samoa, he toured the Indian Ocean for the better part of 2016.

So many of Sultan’s goals from 2009, when he first became a Guinness World Records title holder, have been realised in the eight years since then. He had life-saving surgery that prevented him from growing any further, moved from the country to Hollywood, and fell in love. People all across the world have found motivation in the story of the world’s tallest man.

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