Things To Make You Look Taller

Being tall is something that many people out there ( Men And Women Both ) would love to be, but it can not always be done especially after reaching a certain age. But there are some tips and tricks that one can try that would make them look taller and that is exactly what we will be discussing in this article. These are tricks that you can get to right away and get done with right away, thought they aren’t permanent but they can surely work. Moreover, these can make you feel more comfortable in your own skin and tone your personality better. So without further ado, let’s get started

Stick to a Monochrome Palette

This basically means that don’t wear clothes with different colours but rather wear clothes of the same shade. This helps streamline the overall look. As wearing different color segments your body into parts and puts the inconsistencies on notice. Moreover, it is suggested that you wear the darker shade on the lower half of your body and the lighter shade on the upper, or the same color also goes if its one-piece

Avoiding Low Waisted And Baggy Trousers

The optimal point to wear your trousers is at your natural waistline as this would maximise your leg line and put their length subconsciously on focus. And as you might know that longer legs in themselves prompt the perception of looking taller. Another thing that you can do is using a slimmer cut trouser with a smaller trouser rise as this would also put make your legs look long


Blazers won’t only help build up your shoulder but also keep make your chest look bigger, and your waist smaller, all of this prompt to you looking a bit taller than you are. This will be creating both a tall as well as a slimming effect

The Size Of The Bag That You Carry

A picture of a small purse to better elaborate Things To Make You Look Taller

The size of the bag that you are carrying with yourself can also play a role in you looking taller, as it should not be bigger proportionately than your body. For a petite girl, it is suggested that a bag of 10 to 11 inches can be optimal. As the bigger bag would overwhelm your overall body frame and make you look cumbersome. And this is the case with all kinds of bags even bagpacks

A Tailor

Having a tailor to make all of your clothes custom to your size is something very helpful, as all of your clothes will be of your size, you can go on to get your clothes to stitch perfectly fit to your frame, this means no baggy clothes for you which ultimately make a person look shorter. So having a tailer whom you have told that you want to look slim and tall can also be quite helpful

Shirt Not Passing The HipBone

This basically means that you should be tucking down your shirt whenever you have a buttoned one on, as it will give you a slimmer look and make your legs more lined and lenghty which would pull of you looking taller. So, making sure that your shirt doesn’t go past your hipbone can be quite a powerful tip. As otherwise, the hanging shirt would pull make your legs look a bit smaller.

Not Wearing Short Sleaves

The short sleeves make your arms look a bit shorter, and as they will be one of the thigns that would get attention if you are sleeveless, if your arms look slimmer then in contrast so would the rest of your body. So, wearing a long sleeved shirt and cuffing the sleves creates an uninterrupted line that will make your arms and your whole body look a tad bit bigger

Simple Accessories

Wearing accessories can be helpful but wearing too much can do more harm than good as they would start overwhelming your whole frame the way. Some of the things that you can help yourself by staying away from are flashy shoes and overwhelmingly big belt buckles. But accessories like wearing a hat can rather be helpful for this part and help you look a bit taller and lengthy then you are.


A picture of a Cardigan to better elaborate Things To Make You Look Taller

Long Cardigans can also cat great as complementary to your height. As it develops an uninterrupted vertical line that would enhance the overall frame of your body. You just need to make sure that the cardigan isn’t too baggy or doesn’t have too overwhelming pockets

Wearing Fit Clothes

Well, many of the points that we have already mentioned pertain to this tip and that wearing fit clothes not only makes you look smart but also makes the overall length of your body stand out. That was exactly the reason that we said that having a tailor can be helpful as he/she would be making clothes customized to your size and shape

Wear fitted clothes

Wearing Shoe Lifts

We weren’t going to suggest something as common as wearing heels as that is way too obvious so the next tip is tryinng shoe lifts. These can actually be quite helpful and they literally do increase your height. Moreover, they aren’t bad for your posture and even though it isn’t a permanent solution, it’s a great way to add some height to your everyday appearance.

Full Length, Flared Jeans

This can be quite helpful for those of you who don’t mind the flare style and the overall look. As this helps draw attention to the lower part of your body and ultimately makes you a bit taller than you are. But one thing that you need to make sure is that the flare jeans doesn’t scrape on the floor whilst you are walking as that would just off-put the whole look

High Wasted Form Fitting Dresses

For those of you who like dresses, making sure that the dress is cinching at the waist just a bit above your hips can be quite helpful. This would make your body look more proportioned, would refine your lower body to make it look longer and ultimately give off an impression of an increased height

Keeping The Leg Of Pants At Your Ankles

This basically means that you shouldn’t have saggy legs of your pants as they will make your lower body look smaller and rather have them a bit cuffed near the end of the pants, and if they aren’t already cuffed you can also cuff them yourself

Wearing V-Necks

A picture of a V-neck to beter elaborate Things To Make You Look Taller

A V-Neck top can also be quite helpful to add a virtual few inches to your height. Some things that you can try are wearing a v-neck shirt with high wasted jeans. And while wearing a buttoned-down its better to leave a few of the buttons opened to create a V-Neck

Slim Sleeves

Slim Sleeve can make your arms look distinct and make your overall frame look a bit tall. So, you can try a suit that is tighter right around the sleeves to pull this off correctly

Shorter Jackets

Wearing short jackets pulls off an impression of your torso being shorter than your legs and your legs ultimately being long which gives off an impression of increased height. So you can try using jackets that fall above your hipbone. So for instance, if you are looking into wearing a sports outwear, look for one that has a smaller jacket

Matching Your Socks And Pants

This can especially be helfpu if you are wearing socks that are visible, but the contrast shouldn’t be that sharp, its better if they are the different shades of the same colour. This will stretch out your body and make you look taller, So using blue socks for a blue suit is preferable

Hats And Scarves

Diverting attention towards your face is always a great sign when it comes to the matter of your height. As this can make you look taller by balancing out your overall top and bottom halves. So wearing a hat or even a scarf of can prove helpful. For this, it is suggested that yous use clothes that go with your facial features like your eye/hair color. So a black hat for a black-eyed woman

Slim Belts

This is basically the same part about sinching your pants or dresses as long as your dress or pants are cinched on your waistline, a bit above your bones it can immensely be helpful to make your legs look long and more fitting. And using a belt for cinching can be very practical. But the color of the belt should complement your overall clothing ofcourse

Adjusting Posture

Practicing good posture throughout the passing of the day is another major thing that you can do to help you increase your height. Moreover, poor posture can make you even smaller than you actually are, and there are quite a few people who have lost a few inches just because of having a bad posture. So working on their posture would mean that they would be able to be at their true natural heights if all goes. Another thing o be mindful off is that your back should curve in 3 natural places and they are

Poor posture may make you look shorter than you actually are. And over time, slumping or slouching can also affect your actual height. You can also talk to your doctor as he will be able to tell you a few things that you can do to actually get rid of the lump. Moreover, there are also some special exercises designed to help you get a better posture. Down below is one of such videos

Some Exercises To Better Your Posture

Hopefully, this article was helpful in informing you about some of the things that you can do to look taller, feel free to use the comment section below, in case if you have any further questions. And if you want an answer to “How To Grow 5 Inches Taller In 2 Weeks?” we have an article written on that too so do give it a look too

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