What Sports Make You Taller?

Sports can play a good role in the development of height and that is exactly what we will be looking at in-depth in this article. There are quite a few sports like Basketball, Badminton, Swimming, and Cycling that have been popular for getting an increase in your height. Sports can help stimulate bone epiphysis which promotes epiphyseal cartilage plate cartilage cell proliferation, ossification along with bone development. This can be immensely beneficial especially for teenagers.

So to sum it up as long as your knee, ankle, and spine muscles are being strained and stimulated during playing a sport, the sport is helping you get taller. And what could be better than enjoying some leisure time playing a sport while knowing that it is going to help you increase your height. One important point to note here is that the age of the person playing these sports can be a very big factor as these exercises are most effective on teenagers. And that playing and training oneself for hours on end while extremely exhausting your body can do more bad than good when it comes to sports and heights. So, you shouldn’t overexert your body too much while playing the following sports. Which is one of the reasons that not all of the athletes pertaining to the following sports are tall.

As Over 60 to 70 percent of the role is played by genetics when it comes to height, and a mere 30 to 40 percent on your nutrition and exercises that you do. Which means that one can increase their height by doing proper exercises and nutrition. Without further ado, let’s get right to the chase and look into some of the sports that actually can help you with your height


A picture of basketball to better answer What Sports Make You Taller?

Basketball is hands down one of the first most sport that comes to mind when anyone thinks of “Height And Sports”, which is partly due to the fact that all of the players that we look at in the court over 6 and even 7 ft tall. But does it actually truly help in increasing one’s height. The answer to this is ” Yes “. Basketball is a very healthy sport that can actually help increase your height especially if you are a teenager. It is a sport that comes with a combination of movemments like jumping and throwing which are all great stimuli for bone growth. The sport helps stretch your shoulder muscles as well as your back muscles which is something that is needed of any exercises for it to be actually good for height


This is a sport that many people love regardless of its benefit for increasing height. As the movement, it revolves around also promotes bone growth and development. This exercise can be immensely stressful especially on the shoulder muscles and that is exactly what makes it a part of this list. Other then the strain that this exercise puts on our body, one other important factor that makes this sport effective for increasing height is that your body is weightless when it lays around in the water which is something that can affect height

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This is an accepted fact that gravity plays a very vital role as to how long things are on a planet or a place. Especially considering that human beings are elastic, which is a very good property of ours in most as this saves us from breaking bones every now and then. But this also means that it would be compressed when a force such as gravity puts pressure on it. So for the while that you are in the water, the forces of gravity are a bit lower o your body. Doing an exercise like swimming on a daily basis, strengthens your back, shoulder muscles as well as your spine to bear somewhat not be effected that much by the always hanging pressure of gravity.


While cycling seems to be an endearing exercise of the lower body muscles like the calves and the thighs, it also plays a very good role in stimulating the back muscles of a person and engages the spine along with your core while you are at it. Moreover, you can also change the height of the seat to a level that would comfortably be able to stretch your legs even more as they go up and down the paddle. This would mean more engagement from your spine which as we said is a very good thing for height increase. However, you need to be careful whilst adjusting your height as taking this to an extreme by increasing the height of the seat a bit too much can put more pressure on the joints as well.

Activation drills for cyclists - Canadian Cycling Magazine

A very good thing about this exercise is that you can get yourself a stationary bike and cycle miles at your home while watching one of your favorite Television shows or movies. Moreover, if you are an outgoing person, it also is a low impact exercise that would keep you engaged while you go out on a stroll, without having to tire you a bit too much. Apart from all this, cycling is also very great for your core muscles as well as the overall posture of your body.


This is a sport that is not talked about very much when it comes to increasing height, but it can be very effective when it comes to stimulating growth for your height. As the exercise engages the shoulder muscle immensely and stretches your spine while the rally runs. The shots from the back of the court, the lobs, and the smashes can all be very stimulating for the back and shoulder muscles. So if badminton is your kind of sport, you can play it, knowing full well that it will be helping you in increasing your height.

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Some Exercises And Stretches That Promote Height Increase

Spot Jump

A picture of how to do spot jumps to better answer What Sports Make You Taller?

Spot Jumping is hands down one of the best exercises that can promote height growth. it is a very basic exercise that you can literally do anywhere and anyplace. You start off in a squatting position as shown in the picture above, and then jump as high as you possibly can. This strains your back as well as stretches your spine, the exercise is believed to help extend your leg bones and is overall quite an exhaustive exercise. We suggest you do 3 sets of 12 Reps when you get started


Increasing your height. But the fact is that they can actually be helpful without a doubt. The science behind it states, that we walk around all day whilst the gravity of the earth keeps pushing us down and this puts a strain on the shoulders. This is where hanging comes to play its role as it can fight the overall effects of gravity on our body and hence promote height growth. One bad thing about them is that you need something that you can use for this like a poll or something else of that sort.

You can start off by doing reps of 20 to 30 seconds if possible and you can use even trees if you don’t like have pull up bar or anything of this sort. So basically anything that would keep you up from the ground with your hands hanging above would be alright

This is an accepted fact that gravity plays a very vital role as to how long things are on a planet or a place. Especially considering that human beings are elastic, which is a very good property of ours in most as this saves us from breaking bones every now and then. But this also means that it would be compressed when a force such as gravity puts pressure on it. Doing an exercise like hanging on a daily basis, strengthens your back, shoulder muscles as well as your spine to bear somewhat not be effected that much by the always hanging pressure of gravity.

And doing hanging exercises with a pace of consistency can even help increase the length of your spine as our body has a beautiful ability to adapt to whatever place you or rigor you put it through, this is basically the reason that one starts developing more muscle mass and looking more and more muscular as he tends to lift more and more weights as that is what’s required of the body to fulfill that purpose. But one thing that we keep on repeating, again and again, is that your body won’t just become permanently taller just because you hang for a few days, just like one doesn’t get a 6- pack and a muscular body in a few weeks, you have to give it time and stay consistent.

Cobra Posture

A picture of the cobra strethc to better answer What Sports Make You Taller?

Cobra is a very popular exercise in Yoga. And you probably already know about. All you need to do this is lie on the floor, let your palms rest near your chest area and then push the upper half of your body up into the air as shown in the image above

Bending Your Body Front

One of the bending exercises that engages the whole of your spine and helps it stretch all the way. It is also a very great way of warming up whilst before you actually get started with workout, but doing this stretch alone can also be quite helpful. All you need to do for this pose is to bend your body after positioning your legs straight on the ground, and hold the bending position as long as you can

Do Hip Bridges

Hip Bridges' picture to better elaborate How To Grow 5 Inches Taller In 2 Weeks?

You can start off by lying flat on your back with your knees bent as shown in the picture. Your feet shall be hip-distance apart from each other. And your arms should e lying straight on the sides. After forming this position, you have to push through your heels to make a V type shape and then hold that shape for a few seconds and then bring your hip back to the normal laying position

Do Mermaid Stretches

You start off by sitting on the floor and folding both of your legs on the left side. You need to make sure that the back foot is and tr to connect your pelvis and ribs. Your right hand would be on the floor, and you will be deriving strength for this exercise for your abdominal. You start off by extending your left arm over your head while keeping your left shoulder down. You have to keep your left him grounded as you stretch your hand to the opposite side and come back. Down below is a video further elaborating the movement if you are not clear on the subject matter

Drinking Alot Of Water

Dringking alot of water during the whole day helps remove toxins from your body and even helps with weightloss. Moreover, it also increases the metabloic rate of your body and helps in better digestion of your food, which means that your body would be able to better absorb the nutrients of whatever food that you just ate

Do Push Ups Increase Height?

No, though pushups is a great exercise that engages most of the muscles of your body and comes with lots of benefits especially to your upper body but, they don’t really fare well when it comes to increasing the height of a person doing the exercise. It also doesn’t stop your height if that’s what you are wondering. It just doesn’t have any impact when it comes to the height aspect of things

Adjusting Posture

Practicing good posture throughout the passing of the day is another major thing that you can do to help you increase your height. Moreover, poor posture can make you even smaller than you actually are, and there are quite a few people who have lost a few inches just because of having a bad posture. So working on their posture would mean that they would be able to be at their true natural heights if all goes. Another thing o be mindful off is that your back should curve in 3 natural places and they are

Poor posture may make you look shorter than you actually are. And over time, slumping or slouching can also affect your actual height. You can also talk to your doctor as he will be able to tell you a few things that you can do to actually get rid of the lump. Moreover, there are also some special exercises designed to help you get a better posture. Down below is one of such videos

Exercises promote calcium absorption, and after growth plates are stimulated that leads to better absorption of calcium which then contributes to bone development. Moreover, the sports that involves going out on the sun also means that you would be getting Vitamin D which is another importnant nutrient. After exercising, the growth hormone secretion also increases which can promote height increase especially in teenagers and even prevents obesity. Another extra bonus of exercising is that you would get better sleep and your body would demand rest and fully benefit from it

Hopefully, this article was helpful in answering your queries about What Sports Make You Taller?”, if you have any further related questions, feel free to use the comment section below. And if you want an answer to “How To Grow 5 Inches Taller In 2 Weeks?” we have an article written on that too so do give it a look too

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