World’s Tallest Woman Now!

Rumeysa Gelgi, widely recognised as the tallest woman on Earth, has broken three additional world records, according to the Guinness World Records. She now has five world records thanks to this.

Gelgi, who stands at a lofty 7 feet and 0.7 inches, has been officially recognised as the holder of the record for longest fingers (female). Additionally, her right hand measures up to 24.93 centimetres and her left hand measures up to 24.26 centimetres, making her the current holder of the record for “biggest hands on a live person” (female). Also, at 59.9 centimetres, Gelgi boasts the longest female back of any living creature on Earth.

Ms. Gelgi said, “I obtained my first record title in 2014 as a teenager, and since then I have been using her title for advocacy reasons.”

Rumeysa enjoys taking her loved ones out to fancy restaurants and taking long swims as a means of relieving stress in her spare time. Her loved ones are overjoyed and proud of her for breaking the record set by Guinness World Records.

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Ms. Gelgi is physically disabled and, as a result, uses a wheelchair for much of her mobility.

Fun Fact:

It’s remarkable that Rumeysa, like Sultan Kösen (251 cm; 8 ft 2.8 in), hails from Turkey; it’s only the second time in Guinness World Records history that a country has produced both the tallest live male and female record holders.

When Chinese citizens Bao Xi Shun (236.1 cm; 7 ft 8.95 in) and Yao Defen (233.3 cm; 7 ft 7 in) held the tallest male and female records, respectively, in 2009, it had been since 2009 that both record holders shared the same nationality.

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