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According to ancient texts, Xerxes is estimated to have been nearly 8 Feet and 5 Inches in height or 259 cm. This is without a doubt a way above average height and something that made him stand out from the bunch.

Moreover, it was also said in the book “Histories” that Xerxes was “falling short by only four fingers of being five royal cubits in height.” and a royal cubit is nearly 20.63 inches

How Tall Was Xerxes In The Movie 300?

In the movie, Xerxes has been portrayed to be over 7 feet tall, but the actor portraying Xerxes has a mere height of 6’2. The height

Fun Facts About Xerxes

  • Xerxes was NOT a punctured up male/female bare person: In light of antiquated cut stone reliefs staying from the Achaemenid Dynasty, Xerxes is really portrayed as having long wavy hair and facial hair, enhanced with a crown and illustrious robe. All things being equal briefly, it’s undeniable with regards to why they intentionally decided to radically change what he resembled by obscuring his skin and removing his manliness. Notwithstanding, he presumably had pierced ears, for it was the style of men at the time in old Persia.
  • The right way to express his name is “Khashaayaar” not “Zerkseez”: It isn’t astounding that numerous words and names become lost in interpretation just as articulation while moving between various languages. Today, Khashayar is as yet a typical name in current Iran.
  • Xerxes was the grandson of Cyrus The Great: While subjugation and the coercion of people was the standard in the authentic western world like Greece and Rome, two ages before when Xerxes took the seat, his granddad, Cyrus the Great annulled bondage altogether its structures. Alongside the abrogation of bondage, Cyrus likewise settled by law, opportunity of religion and other unavoidable common liberties. This can be found in what is alluded to by history specialists today as the Cyrus Cylinder, which was proclaimed more than 2500 years preceding Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. Xerxes kept on maintaining the laws and opportunities that his granddad, Cyrus the Great set up.
  • Xerxes was hitched to Esther. Yes, the same Esther from the Bible. Quite possibly the most celebrated Jewish ladies from the Old Testament was the cherished accomplice to Xerxes and Queen of Persia. The Holy Jewish Holiday of Purim is straightforwardly corresponded to Esther and Xerxes. In spite of the fact that Xerxes was a Zoroastrian by confidence, he didn’t drive his convictions upon anybody, including his better half.
  • He had huge shoes to fill: Both Xerxes’ dad, Darius the Great and granddad, Cyrus the Great were venerated all through Greater Asia for their upright character and social achievements. While Cyrus established the Achaemnid Dynasty, it was Darius who legitimized it. Darius participated in numerous social accomplishments, for example, the formation of the Suez Canal, the foundation of a formal legal framework, a uniform money related framework, and beginning development of the Persian Capital of Persepolis. During the sundown long periods of Darius’ life, Spartan and Athenian powers assaulted and terminated the Persian City of Sardis. (You’ll be unable to discover western history books that specifies Greek powers assaulted first. This reality is by all accounts helpfully altered out in many sources.) Not being one to endure harassing unfamiliar assaults, Darius fought back by sending military powers to Greece so they would take a look at themselves before they riggity-destroyed themselves. Darius realized his time was short so he left his child, Xerxes the seat alongside the obligation of completing what he started, by finishing the development of Persepolis just as managing the assault on Sardis. While most of fighting back powers were Persian and Median, Xerxes’ military was really a United Nations Coalition that likewise involved Assyrians, Armenians, Scythians, Israelites, Ethiopians, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Ionians, Phrygians, Elamites, Bactrians, just as Aeolian Greeks, Aegean Greeks, Pontus Greeks, among others.
  • He is covered close to Shiraz Iran: One can visit Xerxes’ burial chamber alongside his father’s, Darius the Great and other Achaemenid Shahs at the antiquated Historical Landmark called Naghsh-e-Rostam, found not a long way from the city of Shiraz. Over his burial chamber, embellished on the precipice side stone is an alleviation cutting of Xerxes holding his correct hand up as a representative offer of his dedication to Truth while he faces a winged Farvahar, the Zoroastrian image of Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds.
  • Xerxes perceived individuals’ entitlement to be Happy: Millennia before Thomas Jefferson recorded his celebrated words “Life, Liberty and the quest for Happiness” in the U.S. Announcement of Independence, Xerxes additionally deified Mankind’s entitlement to Happiness as supernaturally given by Ahura Mazda (God). His words can in any case be discovered today written in old Persian cuneiform content on the excess dividers of Persepolis.

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